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BEAST Facility offers various camps and clinics for players ages 6-18 throughout the year.  Join our mailing list to get updates on programs as they become available.


Seven Tool Catching is the premier catching development company providing top of the line instruction and services for all catchers of all ages. The Seven Tool Certified instructors, led by retired Milwaukee Brewers organization catcher Charles Galiano, hold our catchers to a premier standard providing professional level instruction that translates to strong on field performance.

DEVELOP & COMPETE with and against the BEST catchers on the Island. Catchers will compete in many key aspects of receiving, blocking, throwing, strength, and flexibility.


- Receiving
- Blocking
- Throwing
- Footwork
- Transfers
- Plays at the Plate
- Double Plays
- Leadership Skills
- Passed Ball Recovery
- Pitch Calling
- Pitcher Catcher Relationship
- Umpire Catcher Relationship


This program will be an intense, high energy 12 week pro style progression developed by our very own Seven Tool trainers. It will be a mix of strategically picked training techniques from multiple different MLB organizations. This program is perfect for any level catcher as it will cover in depth all fundamentals, and progress. 

Sundays - December 3rd-March 10th
12 Weeks Total
(no sessions 12/24, 12/31 or 2/11)

Grades 3-5 - 1 hour and 20 min timeslot to be assigned between 1:40-3:40pm - BEAST Facility, Huntington
Grades 6-8 - 1 hour and 20 min timeslot to be assigned between 3:00-5:20pm - BEAST Facility, Huntington
Grades 9-12 -
10am-12pm - Sports Arena, St. James - SOLD OUT

CLICK HERE for full details and registration 
Seven Tool Catching is open to players from all organizations but space is limited.



The Command Center is a comprehensive training program designed and run by TJ Pecoraro, former College World Series Champion Pitcher at Vanderbilt University and Alex Pangourelias, former Collegiate Pitcher and Pitching Coach. 

The Command Center is a comprehensive arm-care program that blends velocity instruction with mechanical tuning in order to allow athletes to compete at their highest level. This 16-week program includes both off mound, and on mound phases, as well as a 4-week introductory period acclimating each of the athletes with a return to throwing program after a 10-14 day rest period from fall baseball.

Athletes will be placed in an environment where competition and learning will be paramount to their growth as throwers. We utilize technology, video, and our coaching staff to create a positive atmosphere for our athletes to build their skills within. Over the past few years we have seen athletes make steady gains in their velocity from anywhere between 3-10 mph on mound or from their positional throws, and carry that over into strong summer seasons and well beyond.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience between professional and collegiate baseball. We cover everything from band instruction, to understanding how to properly utilize plyocare balls and weighted balls for arm care as well as mechanical and on-mound instruction plus everything in between. 

High School16 week program11/6-3/1(No Class Week of 12/25-12/31)Players attend 2x/week - please choose from:-Monday/Thursday - 1 hour slot between 4:00pm-9:00pm - ONLY 4p slot remains-Tuesday/Friday - 1 hour slot between 4:00pm-9:00pmREGISTER HIGH SCHOOLMiddle School12 week program11/6-2/1(No Class Week of 12/25-12/31)Players attend 2x/week --Wednesday - 1 hour slot between 4:30pm-6:30pm-Saturday - 1 hour slot between 8:00am-10:00amREGISTER MIDDLE SCHOOL

BEAST Facility - Huntington

The Command Center is open to players from all organizations but space is limited - register today!


Founded and led by Charles Galiano, retired Milwaukee Brewers organization player, The Heavy Hitters Club provides top of the line hitting instruction backed by years of professional experience.   Unlike many programs/instructors that engineer swings indoors that simply will not translate to the field, The Heavy Hitters Club philosophy WORKS.  The staff aims to create a strong mentor like relationship with each and every player, creating individualized instruction in a group setting, that will help them excel on and off the field!Heavy Hitters are built from the ground up with drills that are specifically geared to create mechanics found unanimously at the MLB level. Our progression will give you all the tools necessary to have a strong on field performance. Our programs cover:-Mental Approach-Swing Analysis-Bat Path Efficiency-HitTrax Statistical Analysis-High Velocity Training-Visual Training-MLB Swings Video Breakdownsand more!

Join the Heavy Hitters staff for our 12 Week, 23 Session comprehensive winter program! This will be a competitive program where hitters will be built from the ground up reinforcing key fundamental concepts, as well as competing all winter long for the crown of the HEAVIEST HITTER!

Mondays will be a full instructional/drill work day that will progress over the 12 weeks. Each session will be followed up by an explosiveness strength training workout specifically tailored towards hitting with our partners Victory Sports Performance.

Thursdays will be a live batting practice recorded by our HitTrax software compiling all the most important data (spray chart, exit velocity, max distance, contact depth etc..) that we will monitor to track your hitters improvements. You will receive emails of this data as well so you can see how your son is doing throughout the program. Thursday hitting sessions will be followed by a Victory Sports Performance explosiveness strength training session as well.

December 4th-March 7th
12 Weeks - 23 Sessions
(no class 12/25, 12/28, 1/1, 2/19, 2/22)
Players attend every Monday (1 hour and 20 min) and Thursday (1 hour)
Timeslots assigned after registration
Grades 3-5 - SOLD OUT
Grades 6-8 - SOLD OUT

BEAST Facility, Huntington

CLICK HERE for full details and registration 

Heavy Hitters is open to players from all organizations but space is limited.


For young players looking to take ther game to the next level!
Train with the BEAST coaches all winter on game fundamentals:
-Base Running
-Game Concepts & Rules

For players ages 6-9
Perfect for Little League Players looking to sharpen their skills!

Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm
6 Week Program Starts November 8th
(no class November 22nd)
BEAST Facility - Huntington

$195 per player
Class size is limited



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